ValleyLab Force Triad

Features: TissueFect sensing technology is a Covidien control system designed to precisely manage energy delivery, creating a range of options for desired tissue effects. Enhanced LigaSure™ tissue fusion technology permanently fuses vessels up to and

CSZ Blanketrol III

Features The CSZ Blanketrol III Hyper-Hypothermia Temperature Management System is used to lower or to raise a patient’s temperature and/or maintain a desired patient temperature through conductive heat transfer. The Blanketrol III system is composed of a heater, compressor,

Suction Machine

Use overview It is used for medical institutions to suck out the secretions in the patient’s airway, and to suck out the exudate and flushing fluid in the patient’s body during the operation. Features Adopt

1-channel syringe pump

DESCRIPTION Labor wards are areas or rooms in hospitals and healthcare centers where pregnant women are located when in labor.One of the main characteristics of labor wards is that they should be comfortable so that