Hot air laboratory drying oven

With its advanced microprocessor control system and PID temperature management, these FN units offer very precise, constant temperature. The dual displays show large, bright characters, visible from far across the laboratory. In sterilization mode, the

Soluscope Serie 3 Washer-Disifinctor

Soluscope 3 Series Washer-Disinfector Ergonomic. Efficient, Fast Easy to use and maintain, the Series 3 endoscope washer-disinfector has an innovative and intuitive graphic interface. The Series 3 Endoscope Washer-Disinfector is more robust, offers a modern

Bistos Patient Monitor

Product overview 15.6″ LCD colour touch screen display With visual and audible alarm signal Rechargeable battery with 5 h operating time Various screen formats selectable Available with or without printer Application overview For monitoring pulse

ASTELL Autoclave

A 5.7” colour touchscreen with integrated USB data port A delayed start and a media holdwarm feature for greater control over when you want to sterilize Safety: over-temperature protection, an external pressure gauge, a cooling