1-channel syringe pump


Labor wards are areas or rooms in hospitals and healthcare centers where pregnant women are located when in labor.One of the main characteristics of labor wards is that they should be comfortable so that pregnant women are calmed and at ease. Besides the beds (which should be specially prepared for position during delivery), the intravenous infusion systems in labor wards should also be appropriate.arcomed provides hospitals with the best volumetric infusion pump systems for labor wards. The large, easy-to-read, high-impact, high-resolution color LCD screen improves and optimizes the handling of these infusion pumps by doctors and nurses.These volumetric infusion pumps have several tocolysis programs and can be used both as a tocolysis pump and as an ordinary pump.Lastly, the built-in handle is the best solution for handling and transporting these intravenous infusion systems within the labor ward. Large and easy to read high impact, high resolution color LCD screen. Various tocolysis programs. For use as tocolysis pump or ordinary pump. The ultimate in convenience and patient safety. Standard power cord. Built-in handle.