Suction Machine

Use overview

It is used for medical institutions to suck out the secretions in the patient’s airway, and to suck out the exudate and flushing fluid in the patient’s body during the operation.


  • Adopt advanced design structure, novel shape, sophisticated manufacturing process, made of ABS and PC materials.
  • The machine adopts oil-free self-lubricating vacuum pump, which has high pumping rate, fast negative pressure rise, no oil mist pollution, and the pump body does not need daily maintenance and maintenance.
  • It is equipped with an overflow protection device, which can effectively prevent the sucked liquid from entering the pump body.
  • Equipped with an air filter, which can filter bacteria and reduce pollution to the surrounding environment.
  • Big casters and pull rod structure, easy to move.
  • Large-diameter liquid storage bottle, equipped with a cap with a sealing ring, the sealing effect is good.
  • The whole machine is balanced in work, low in noise, long in service life, safe and reliable.

Structure and composition

The product is mainly composed of one-way pump assembly, negative pressure regulator, negative pressure indicator, filter, collection container assembly, overflow protector, foot switch, housing and casters, etc.