Tecnomed LED Operating Light

DESCRIPTION Apply to ■ abdominal/ general surgery ■ gynaecology ■ heart/ vascular/ thoracic surgery ■ neurosurgery ■ orthopaedics ■ traumatology / emergency OR ■ urology / TURP ■ ent/ Ophthalmology ■ endoscopy Angiography Feature 1.

Being Examination Lab

DESCRIPTION General use It is used for auxiliary lighting in operation room. Structure composition It is composed of light source and lamp frame. BEL-200A(Halogen) BEL-300A(LED)Examination Lamp • The lamp head is anticollision and aluminum made

Being Infant Radiant Warmer

Features: APGAR timer Available adjustment of radiator and mattress tilting LED phototherapy unit (Optional) Over temperature alam RS-232 connector Skin temp. and manual control by micro-computer Suction (Optional) With one illumination light X-ray Tray (Optional)

Being Infant Incubator

Features: Air temp. by computer Phototherapy (option) RS-232 connector Separete setting temp. and real temp. display windows Side door (option) Various and self-check alarms With the transfusion shelf and tray