WS-280YDB series horizontal pressure steam sterilizer is the equipment that disinfects and
sterilizes the objects with saturated steam, its structure is horizontal and heating way is: electric
heating and direct steam heating. It is composed of sterilization room, jacket, shell, door, steam
generator, pipe system, control system, indicating system and power-supply system.
2.Application Scope
The product is applicable to disinfect and sterilize medical devices, dressings, glass wares and
hydroponics medium etc in the steam method.
3.Normal Working Condition
Normal working condition shall comply with the following conditions:
a) Environmental Temperature +5℃~+40℃;
b) Relative Humidity ≤80%RH
c) Atmospheric Pressure 70kPa~106 kPa;
d) Water Source Pressure 0.15MPa~0.25MPa;
e) Steam Source Pressure 0.22MPa~0.27MPa (when heating by connecting external steam
f) Working Power Supply three phase AC 380V±20V,50Hz±1Hz (Heating system)

4. Basic Parameters

5. Outline Structure and Composition
a) See Fig.  for outline structure of sterilizer