General Features:
The options of Electrical, Battery Powered and Pneumatic use
User friendly and sufficient in curved surfaces via its light and ergonomic design
16000 cpm Oscillation Power
The Mini Dermatome Model for Paediatric Surgery
Grafting in sensitive thickness distances between 0.17 mm and 1,19 mm in 8 different levels
Grafting between 9,75 mm and 78 mm via adjustable width
Electrical power supply from both charger unit and HSM Micro power source
The opportunity of foot control pedal operation
Safe and fast blade change
The stainless steel blade feature ensuring two way loading compatibility
The ease of clean cutting and thin grafting via the blades, double surface sharpened and suitable for sensitive cut
Graft Mesher System with thickness adjustment up to 1,5mm
Graft carriers in sizes of 1,5:1 and 3:1
Easy sterilization set