Anesthesia machine

  • ┬áDelivery Room
  • Outpatient operating room
  • Endoscopy room
    With the development of perioperative medicine, painlessanesthesia has become
    popular throughout the hospital. Endoscopy centers, birthing centers, interventional
    centers, emergency centers … All have anesthesiologists and anesthesia machines in
    their midst. The needs there are not exactly the same as in a central operating room.
    What is needed clinically is more flexible, simpler and more efficient anesthesia
    equipment. AX-400 meets the exact requirements.
    Compact product design The quality of anesthesia machines has been greatly
    improved, Ventilation accuracy exceeds the level of mid-to-high-end anesthesia machines. Small
    and compact breathing circuit

Extensive auxiliary functions of anesthesia greatly expand the applicability of the
anesthesia machine (optional)

  • Plug-in function:

Support upgrading EtCO2, AG, BIS and other anesthesia monitoring

  • Auxiliary Common Gas Outlet (ACGO) for fresh gas Support pediatric semi-open ventilation
  • Auxiliary oxygen supply:
    Support preoperative oxygen inhalation
  • Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System (AGSS)
    Better protection of health care workers from exhaust gas