Hot air laboratory drying oven

With its advanced microprocessor control system and PID temperature management, these FN units offer very precise, constant temperature. The dual displays show large, bright characters, visible from far across the laboratory. In sterilization mode, the user is warned if the instrument is out of the correct temperature range, perhaps due to power failure, for absolute sterilization. An independent safety thermostat takes over in the unlikely event of a failure of the main control system. Triple insulation reduces energy consumption while ensuring homogeneous temperature throughout the chamber. An adjustable vapour exhaust port enables these models to be used for drying. Three different sizes: 32, 55 and 120 liters Temperature range: Ambient temperature +5°C / 250°C Designed for sterilization, drying and heating purposes Programmable PID microprocessor control system User friendly control panel including digital displays for temp. and time Delayed start timer Stainless steel interior for easy cleaning & high resistance to most chemicals Excellent uniformity and stability of temperature by triple insulation and air jacketed heating system Natural air convection for homogeneous temperature distribution Very low temperature loss by means of the door pressing firmly and tightly on the chamber gasket Outlet port for vapour exhaustion